Diane Mathson

Senior Pilates Instructor
Phone: (425) 616-2000
E-mail: diane@studio26pilates.com

Diane has been a dedicated Pilates practitioner for over 22 years.  and is fascinated with the body/mind connection that the Pilates Method teaches to help us all move with ease, and excel at the daily activities we enjoy doing.  Diane became a teacher to help inspire others to learn to find new body awareness, and to facilitate students to experience the healing, strengthening and transformation of their body that the Pilates Method can provide.

Diane aspires to share ways that allow her students to strengthen their bodies while gaining flexibility, and to experience control, and balance in their daily routine motions outside of their work in the studio.  She enjoys working with all ages and fitness levels. She guides her students to accomplish the goals that first motivated them to try Pilates and inspires them to maintain these new accomplishments and go even further than they thought possible in their Pilates work and especially in their daily activities and sports.

In addition to her training in Pilates, she brings the skills gained from coaching basketball and track, and from her past and current physical activities which include walking/hiking, yoga, swimming, horseback riding, scuba diving, and basketball/track.

Diane continues her regular practice and studies Pilates under many gifted instructors including Lori Coleman-Brown, Cynthia Shipley, and Cynthia Lochard among others.

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